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Raj Saha

Raj talks about his own personal story and how after suffering tragedy and loss in his own family he decided to join an Alpha course. This decision has transformed his life forever. As he explains his family was close knit and he was brought up as a Hindu... I will let him tell you his story himself.

I've known Raj and his family for years. I met him when he moved to Teesside and later I listened to his thoughtful, well-researched sermons. He became one of the elders at Jubilee Church Teesside, as well as continuing working as a family doctor or GP.

I love you new, lockdown look, Raj!

If you are grieving or supporting someone there are some practical suggestions in the following articles, both from my sisters, who have experienced personal loss and counselled and supported others.

My sister Sally is a trained Counselor and retired university lecturer in Australia.

My sister Anne is a retired Anglican vicar - if vicars ever retire.

Raj's sermon on suffering was one of

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