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Mojtaba Hosseini

I am delighted to be able to introduce to you, Mojtaba. He and his wife, Hannah, are friends of ours. Mojtaba has a gift of telling a story and also helping us to learn from it.

Here he talks about his own life and his home country, Iran, as well as encouraging us to be vessels in the hand of God.

Mojtaba sitting in a wood

In the past God used missionaries to leave Britain and travel to different continents to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many Iranians have put their faith in Jesus Christ In recent decades, but this has often meant that they have had to leave their home country.

However the Lord has used this scattering for today's cross-cultural witness. They have effectively become missionaries to The West.

(The video is black at first, but Mojtaba will soon appear!)

Our next series on eyes to see is about the spread of the Gospel in Britain and the men and women who were influential in shaping it. From saints and martyrs, reformers and missionaries there are fascinating, faith-building stories.

I couldn't choose them all, but the missionary that I have already written about, is Henry Martyn: the man who went to Shiraz, Iran, the one that Mojtaba talks about.

Next Wednesday To the West - the story of St Patrick

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