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Orchestra Conductor on Stage

From hymns, ancient & modern,

from plainsong to rap,

from Gregorian chant to gospel,

from orchestra to band,

from oratorio to musical,

from a Capella to worship chorus

inspiring music can be found.

Guitarist Performing

At the end of every devotional blog I will include a YouTube video with a review.

To make it easier to find these clips and reviews I will collate them and add them to this page.

That way the music will be sorted by topic, not genre. I hope you will discover some new styles that you like. There  is so much wonderful, Christian music to enjoy.

Whoever said 'Why should the devil have the best music?' clearly hadn't listened to much Christian music.

Children Singing in a Choir

Music has the power to stir our emotions and to touch our soul. It is fundamental to worship, both on earth and in heaven.

Church Choir
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