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True Love Songs

Folk Songs

Old English folk songs are full of yearning after true love.

In my mind this implies that there is only one true love for each person,

someone to search for, but perhaps never find.

True to the original talks of faithfulness to it,

Folk ballads often refer to lack of faithfulness, betrayal and loss.

True Love

True love, genuine, real - not false or counterfeit

What is true love?

Genuine, unselfish, altruistic, giving love

This is the sort of love that we long for and is only found in Jesus Christ,

Our Heavenly Father and through the Holy Spirit.

If you want to explore this further, look at the series

This is a personal selection of True Love songs, that speak of the love of God for us and the love we show in response. Beautiful, contemplative, music.

Relaxing Christian Classics

In no particular order...

1. How deep the father's love Stuart Townend

Heartfelt lyrics with a beautiful melody. Stuart Townend writes some of the best modern choruses, but here he composes a modern-day hymn.

2. My Song is Love Unknown

One of my favourite hymns, harmonised expertly.

The words were written in the seventeenth century by Samuel Crossman and this tune was composed by John Ireland.

3. I sat down under his shadow

Written by Edward Bairstow, directed by John Rutter, sung by Cambridge Singers.

English choral music at its finest!

4. Have I told you lately Van Morrison

Originally written about love of God, this song is universally appreciated.

5. I found love Bebe Winans

A love song that could be sung to a lover or to God

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