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Which song would you choose?

All the YouTube videos recommended in the devotional series ears to hear in one place.

My aim is to encourage you to listen to new styles of Christian music.

That way you will be pleasantly surprised and discover new sources of blessing.

Sometimes the decision is easy, because there is an obvious choice, but sometimes there are excellent alternatives competing for my attention.

Which music would you have chosen for each day?


1) Introduction - ears to hear

1 a) One Day at a time - Lynda Randle

The lyrics of this Country and Western song are so pertinent for today. We need strength for today and we need to live one day at a time. It was written in the 1970's by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson, and has been recorded by over 200 artists. Lynda Randle sings it with feeling and passion.

1 b) Day by Day - Godspell

When this song from the vintage musical Godspell is harmonised well, it can be beautiful and moving. However, it is often sung badly, as the harmonies are not easy. This group of actors and musicians capture the musicality, but not the spirit of the song.

From the article ears to hear


2) Thirst

2 a) River of Love - Don Moen

Don Moen is an American song writer, worship leader and pastor, who was born in 1950. River of Love, with its profound lyrics, is a gentle and genuine worship song.

2 b) Let Your Living Waters

A powerful, yet simple, chorus, led by the great South African Gospel singer Ntokozo Mbambo. The chorus was composed by John Watson, who grew up in Zimbabwe. You might spot that I will use this chorus in another blog, but sung by a different South African Gospel singer.

2 c) All who are thirsty - Vineyard Worship

Worship from Vineyard, written by Brenton Brown and Glenn Robertson. This version is designed for us to join in with, as the lyrics are clear, and the band leads us into a place of praise and worship.

From the article Thirst


3) by bread alone

3 a) Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer

The words to this wonderful hymn were originally written in Welsh by William Williams in 1745. This well-known tune, Cwm Rhondda, was composed in 1905 by John Hughes. Fittingly sung by a traditional male voice choir from the Welsh valleys.

Uplifting, inspiring and full of hope.

3 b) Breathe by Michael Smith

This simple but beautiful chorus is popular, with many videos on YouTube. I chose this version because, despite the setting and leading others in worship, Christie Nockels sings this a song in a heart-felt, genuine and personal way

A close second, but for me the lyrics in the great hymn were more pertinent for the topic.


4) My Soul longs for the living God

4 a) Changing me - Anna Golden

Anna Golden is a young worship leader who writes surprisingly mature choruses. She grew up singing in church and first joined the church choir at aged ten. She is at the start of a promising musical career. Her passion is worship. The sentiment expresses the essence of the day's devotions.

4 b) As the deer - world edition

This song was the obvious choice, and this heart-warming, genuine, international version came a close second for me. I think it is the most lovely melody and is so moving to see worshippers from across the continent of Asia.

4 c) Sicut Cervus - Palestrina

Although a little breathy at times, this is still one of the best versions available on YouTube.

Exquisite harmonies makes this choral piece a classical gem. Written by Palestrina in the early 1600's.

The Latin Lyrics of Sicut Cervus are from Psalm 42.


5) Where are you?

5 a) Adam, where are you? - Don Franscisco

Don Francisco has been writing and recording songs since 1974. He lives in Colorado, US. This ballad can move me to tears when I consider how humanity rejects, refuses or ignores the Father’s call.

5 b) Out of Hiding by The Undoing

A beautiful song about the fear of intimacy, hiding from God and the love of Christ in the cross, sung by Steffany Gretzinger. I love the accompaniment from the violins.

Excellent production, with interesting lyrics.

From the article Where are you?


I've attempted to create an eclectic playlist, but as I reflect on this series, I don't think I have succeeded this time. I plan to chose a wider variety of music in the future.

My Criteria

  1. Encouraging, inspiring, energising, meaningful Christian lyrics

  2. Beautiful melodies, harmonies and rhythms.

  3. Well played, in tune and with a good production

  4. Genuine and heart-felt

  5. Mainly in English

What do you think? Who have I missed?

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