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The Lord's my shepherd - The Top Ten

My top ten versions of Psalm 23.

Psalm 23 is probably the world's most popular psalm.

I wrote a meditation on Psalm 23 in an earlier blog.

It has been put to music hundreds of times.

From hymns to choruses, Orthodox chant to Gospel, orchestra to band

Which is your favourite version?

Here is my Top Ten, starting with an old hymn

10. Isaac Watts

By the father of modern hymns, composed in the 1700's

9. Gregory Stathis

Sacred music, traditional Greek Orthodox Christian chant from The Masters of Psaltic Art

(#orthodoxchant, #chant, #stathis, #psalticart)

8. Michael Card

Beautiful orchestration, sang as a ballad

(#michaelcard, #christianmusic)

7. Cissy Houston

It's clear where Whitney's voice comes from! Pure Gospel gold

(#cissyhouston, #gospel, #whitneyhouston)

6. Stuart Townend

Gentle, genuine, modern worship

(#stuarttownend, #chorus, #worship, #praise)

5. The King of Love my Shepherd is

A beautiful arrangement of this hymn with its ancient Irish melody

(#kingoflove, #myshepherd)

4. Celtic Expressions

A Celtic take on a traditional hymn

(#celticexpressions, #celticworship, #joannahogg)

3.Keith Green

Made especially poignant as Keith Green died tragically in an air crash at the age of only 28

2. John Rutter

The oboe's the star, seconded by the harp. Utterly beautiful.

My number 1 - which I have already chosen for the article on Meditation

1. Aled Jones & son

featured on Vicar of Dibley and featuring a father and his son

(#aledjones, #vicarofdibley, #hymn)

Vote for your favourite version of Psalm 23.

In the comments below choose your Number 1 out of this list. Tell me if I've missed out your favourite.

I will post the results later.

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