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Andy McCullough

We first met Andy about ten years ago, when he was talking about moving to Istanbul with his family. It was clear that he was a man of vision, enthusiasm and faith.

Since then, I've heard him speak and teach the bible many times, and I've always learnt something when I've listened to him.

He is someone who immersed himself in the Turkish culture, spending time to really listen to different ways of seeing the world. This cross-cultural experience and lifestyle informs his teaching and preaching.

Andy McCullough preaching

The Centrality of Marginality

This is a fascinating talk about people who were part of the family tree of Jesus. Andy compares and contrasts the weak with the powerful, the refugee with the landowner, the shepherd with the warrior, the man with the woman, the one in the centre with the one who is marginalised.

He compares Cain with Abel, Nimrod with Abram, Judah with Tamar, Akan with Rahab, Boaz with Ruth, Saul with David and finishes with how Jesus relates to his forebears. Remember these are real stories.

All of this in just 20 minutes.

Well worth making yourself a cup of tea and settling down to listen.

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01 ene 2021

Thank you for a stimulating preach

Me gusta
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